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Lisa Di Nuzzo is a Detroit-born creative writer who writes inspirational prose and screenplays. Her love for film began the first time her young eyes focused on the animated images that moved across the television screen. She imagined fantastic stories, played them out by herself, and pretended to be the different characters that she conjured up in her vivid imagination.


While Lisa lived and worked abroad in Verona, Italy, where her father was born, she learned that perceptions change based on one’s environment and upbringing. She began to see the world in Technicolor instead of black and white. Verona, Italy, presented the world of fantasy to her through writers like Shakespeare, whose most famous play is set in Verona and Hemingway, who gained inspiration while visiting Veneto. Through this, she was able to take her imagination to new horizons by merely imagining what may have inspired their greatest work.


Currently, Lisa is working on The Borrowed a feature film about a former mobster who lost everything and will do anything to retrieve his life; even sell his body to a rich man, who intends to use him for his own evil agenda. She has also written a pilot episode for her own web series Perplexed and has written a spec script for Timeless.

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