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  • Lisa Di Nuzzo

Expectations vs Reality

Have you ever psyched yourself up for something for weeks only to be let down the second after that thing came to pass?

This happens when your expectations exceed the limits of reality.

The year my husband and I were married, we planned a trip to Sicily where his parents had a penthouse near the sea. I was so excited. I imagined all the beautiful details of how it would be. I googled (filtered and photoshopped) pictures, researched the major sites to see, I did everything a person would do before setting out on a new journey.

However, I was extremely disappointed when the city we visited did not live up to my expectations. Which by the way, was just insane because it is beautiful.

The good new is, and as bad as this sounds, the year after, I didn't have any expectations, so when we returned, I actually had the best time ever.

This was a huge revelation for me, but even so, this theme continues to follow me through my life.

Many times when we find ourselves in conflict with others, it has little to do with their behavior, but rather, more to do with your expectations of them and their lack of delivery. The fact that they were unable to live up to your expectations is absolutely not their fault and absolutely has everything to do with a lack of up front communication on your part.

We are not psychic, and not everyone is intuitive enough to guess what you might need from them.

This does not mean that we should not have expectations. It just means that we have to be realistic about our expectations while making sure to communicate our expectations with the people around us.

It also goes without saying that we need to learn to appreciate what we have, even if it's not what we imagined.

Train your mind to look for fun in the darkest of places, and you will never be disappointed.

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