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  • Lisa Di Nuzzo

The Power of Minimalism

Have you ever been forced to improvise with what you had because you were unable to procure what you needed?

Today, while I was making lunch, I realized that I only had a small piece of onion. I cannot just run out for an onion during COVID-19 lockdown, so I decided to cut the onion in tiny little pieces so that it would distribute evenly.

While I was doing this, I remembered some of the foods that I enjoy that have finely chopped onions. I wondered if the recipe was like this in order to save on cost or really because the chef who designed the recipe thought it was better.

Even if the recipe was like that, because it was better, how did they find out? Then I thought about all of the recipes that were created based on what people had versus what they wanted to use.

So many great things were created by accident. They were created by improvising.

Minimalizing forces creativity. It also give respect to what you already have.

How many times were you forced to use what you hand on hand and the result was more fabulous than it might have been with what you actually wanted to use?

So, next time you want to go out and buy a new outfit for that date or event, take another look into your closet. Find that old belt that you only wore a handful of times. Match it with that dress you wore that one time, and use those shoes you love so much.

Appreciate what you have and give what you have use. We can always have something better. We can always ask for more abundance, but why get it if we already have enough? Why get it if what we have can already make the recipe better?

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